Compact channel cleaning module based on a patented, hybrid cleaning method deploying cavitation phenomenon

If you are looking for an effective cleaning function of cooling channels for little money, CoolingCare CM series is for you. The modular design of the device allows for its expansion and selection of functionalities to suit your needs. Thanks to this, we can create a device optimized to the specific expectations of the user while maintaining the lowest possible price. The heart of the CM series device, which is also the base module, is the CM case, a compact single-circuit design with the function of cleaning, blowing, and measuring the tightness and patency of the circuit. The patented cleaning method with two-way, dynamic pulsation mode allows for effective cleaning of even the most polluted circuits in a much shorter time compared to conventional cleaning methods based on diaphragm or rotary pumps. CM case does not have its own tanks, thanks to which the structure is light, handy and small. The device can be connected to any external tank.