Autonomous, high efficiency system for monitoring and managing the efficiency of cooling systems in injection molds


A number of companies involved in the production of plastic parts in the packaging and automotive industries have large tools, often exceeding several tons. These types of molds usually differ in terms of cooling design compared to smaller tools. Due to the large number of cooling lines, for ease of use, connections are made through manifolds or multi-couplers, allowing connection of many cooling channels at one time. This approach, although time saving, usually poses some problems when cleaning and diagnosing the cooling channels.

The CX machine has been specially developed to provide efficient solution for cleaning cooling channels in large molds. Similar to CA models in terms of process automation, the CX model is equipped with a single pump and cavitation generator with a delivery capacity of 300L / min. One large inlet and outlet (1.5 inch diameter) allows users to feed large manifolds to distribute the flow into individual channels without losing high dynamics of the cleaning process. This type of connection makes the CX machine suitable not only for large molds, but also for cleaning injection molding machines or any other large heat exchangers. In addition, the machine is equipped with the function of automatic flow reversal, which further increases the cleaning efficiency. CX machines can also monitor real-time flow rate, giving users immediate feedback on cleaning results.

All these features make the CoolingCare CX series the ideal tool for any injection molding shop working with large molds.