Innovation out of need

CoolingCare machines were created as a result of over six years of research on cleaning and diagnostics of cooling channels in injection molds. The system was developed at FADO, a company with over 35 years of experience in the tooling and injection molding industry, specializing in, among others, manufacture and design of mold inserts with conformal cooling channels. This type of cooling is characterized by a high complexity of geometry and small diameters and require a completely different approach, both in terms of operation and maintenance. Designs of injection molds with this type of cooling, despite their obvious advantages, carry potential dangers that make many companies unwilling to take risks and invest in potentially higher, yet short term efficiency. One of the main objections to conformal coling is a gradual decrease in the ability to take away heat from the molding cavity and high susceptibility to clogging. In a situation where the channel becomes completely clogged, it is not possible to disassemble the mold and unblock the channel mechanically. That is why it is so important to consciously control the condition of channel and to apply preventive measures that will allow to maintain their appropriate cooling efficiency.

Who we are?

The beginning of FADO dates back to 1984, when Jerzy Domeracki, continuing his family tradition in the tooling industry, started designing and building injection molds. In a short time, thanks to determination, passion and hard work, the plant began to gradually build its position in the local tooling market. The turning point in the company’s history was 1991, and with it the decision to create a plastics processing department, thanks to which the FADO business model changed dramatically – the company was no longer just a tool manufacturer, it expanded its offer to include the production of plastic parts. It turned out that mold design experience proved to be a huge asset in running injection molding production. On the other hand, the experience with plastic injection molding allowed for an even better analysis of the production problems, and thus, better designs of molds themselves. Over the years FADO has developed many proprietary, innovative solutions that allowed the company to build its position on the market. Commitment, constant development and investments in new technologies have resulted in the fact that over the years the company has been recognized with many prestigious awards and titles. Today, parts produced at FADO can be found in most continents around the world.


-Design and construction of injection molds
- Maximum dimensions of molds - 500x500mm
- Machine park based on MAKINO tooling equipment

Injection molding department

Horizontal and vertical injection molding machines with clamping forces from 10 to 800 tons. Machines are fully adapted to automatic operation

3D printing

Selective laser melting technology, production of inserts with conformal cooling, available materials: 1.2709 tool steel, 316L stainless steel, AlSi10Mg, Ti64.